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Video the Bomb in Bombay -- and Everywhere in India NowMobile app development is a booming business sector in India now. In fact, a multitude of factors may conspire to make India a global app powerhouse, according to a new report from Business Insider.

For starters, the field of mobile app development is growing, with a 200 percent increase since 2014 in searches for courses necessary to learn the ropes.

More developers means more apps — and for a hungry global audience, BI’s data suggests.

India is getting some help here, too. Apple and Google have both boosted India’s emerging developer community with incubation hubs and developer centers teaching local developers to build apps for the Android or iOS platforms.

Just months ago, Google debuted a project called ‘Android Skilling in India,’ a program aimed at training two million developers for the Android platform. Apple also has plans in the works for incubator/training centers, including a proposed iOS app ‘Design and Development Accelerator’ in Bengaluru.

India’s foray into mobile app development is a fascinating and ongoing story. You can read more about it here.

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