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AerServ Helps Publishers with New OpenAuction TechnologyAerServ has released “OpenAuction,” a technology offering publishers server side header bidding capabilities for in-app environments. OpenAuction allows buyers to deliver dynamic pricing at the impression level.

“Header bidding is technology that enables publishers to make their inventory available to multiple buyers simultaneously who can then submit bids, or dynamic prices for the impression,” explains AerServ in a blog post last week. “Header bidding enables publishers to capture higher CPMs from buyers, increase fill rate, and improve the competitiveness of their auctions.”

In sum, AerServ’s OpenAuction technology gives both publishers and demand partners the tools to maximize the value of each ad impression.

“OpenAuction’s technology takes header bidding to the next level, with all ad calls executed simultaneously, in a true auction format, as opposed to only those in the header bidding container,” notes AerServ. “Instead of presenting inventory to each buyer one at a time, OpenAuction makes the inventory available to all buyers to maximize bids per impression.”

Benefits run the gamut from dynamic pricing to reduction of device battery usage.

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