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Advertisers Taking Aim at Your FriendsTargeting technology innovator Pursway, Inc. has unveiled a new audience extension platform — called Pursway Connect — to jumpstart both online and offline audience extension for personalized targeting initiatives.

Pursway Connect aids marketers in scaling their target audiences by adding like-minded individuals with strong social affinity to their brands.

How does it work?

“When a brand marketer or agency uploads their target audience list, Pursway Connect quickly provides the best, real-life friends for each one,” a provided statement from a company rep reads. “With Pursway Connect, brands can reach scale and efficiency by targeting friends of high-value customers, recent buyers or any other audience they choose.”

The program is already drawing kudos.

“We’ve worked with Pursway to harness the power of real-life social relationships for years, and it has driven significant ROI thanks to consistently higher campaign conversion rates,” boasts Steven Fuld, senior vice president of marketing for Sony Corporation of America.

Fuld says Pursway has a “unique social graph” that allows Sony to reach prospects with strong, real-life relationships with customers.

Pursway Connect claims to have a proprietary database that maps relationships between more than 150 million North American consumers.

The “key to its success” is that Pursway is able to analyze billions of pieces of data from thousands of open data sources and connect the dots. This technology determines with great accuracy who is a real-life friend of whom, “while matching entities to create a human network in which real-life connections are identified.”

“We know marketers are under a ton of pressure to increase response rates and help drive sales, but they are already bogged down in too much data and a mess of disparate, complex analytics,” noted David Ellenberger, CEO of Pursway. “Pursway Connect gives marketers what they are really after — highly relevant prospects. The ability to extend their audience and target prospects that are friends of current customers should not be limited to the likes of Facebook. We are offering an alternative for brands that understand the power of a social graph but do not appreciate inaccurate tools based solely on social media and not real life.”

Pursway Connect’s system is currently offered for direct mail and social media targeting; the firm has plans in the works to soon offer online and mobile advertising options.

The company is now offering a 60-day free trial to let marketers check out the platform with up to 100,000 consumer targets. To register for a free trial, click here.

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